Monday, 13 December 2010

All that entered

The competition is being removed after the copying acusation, and if anyone would like to hear my side of the story (very unlikely) then please ask in my guestbook or in dollmail. The competition has been used by many during stardolls time, for example, last year i used the comp with a prize of a modelling contract for my magazine: admire magazine (now unexisting). So, i found it hard to understand why we was being mobed with acusations. I give huge amounts of gratetude to the BYS team, as they was actually very calm and collective, they understood the reasons and after I had explained i believe they saw my side of the story (hopefully anyways). BYS is a fantastic couture and im more than sure it will do well and the team at admire are huge supporters of the collection, so I don't understand why I would want to destroy it, I like competition but when it gets too serious, thats just wrong. I hope you all understand

If the following people would like to contact me about recieving a smaller prize that would be great as i understand you put alot of time into getting people to follow and a new competition will be introduced to you all very soon:

Many Thanks, Sinbabee


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Thank you.
    Making comps isn't so hard ^_^

  3. Hmmm, can't you just accept what I have said. Its not fair to keep mobing me.

  4. Yeah i did ? i just said thank you ? :)

  5. Ok well thanks for understanding, I do actually believe your couture is fantastic and even if you dont want me to, I will be supporting it everystep of the way, I cant wait to see how amazing it is when released :)

  6. I never said i don't want you to ? :)

  7. Why so sarcastic? It kinda sounds mean :S And she did make a comp ^.^ A great one in fact, way different from yours (which was also a good idea >:))