Sunday, 30 January 2011

Writers Wanted

Admire is now having a fashion column which you can find at the top of the blog.
As the fashion column will be starting very soon, we will be looking for writers.
Are you capable?
If you think you are, complete this form and post your application in the comments :)
By the way, you must be a follower to apply :)

If no experience, write us something about why you think fashion is important:

Many thanks, courtney x


  1. Name: Nicole Jones
    Username: Tapstar321
    Experience: Passion Magazine, Forever Chic Magazine, RAGE Magazine

  2. Name:Alicia Ramirez
    Username: Princesslicha
    Blog: ;

  3. Name: Vicky
    Username: Princessvx
    Blogs: Well, I write for: Runway Magazine, Rage Magazine, Stardoll Sense, The Elite, The Fashion Eye (My Own Modelling Agency: and etc, etc.
    Experience: I have done a variety of blog writing, which I listed some of them above.
    I have experienced every sort of writing: to critisize reviews, gossip, fashion, news, etc, etc. But the thing which I think I am most 'fluent' with in fashion, Is writing about fashion. Because fashion isn't something you are just given, You have to have a mind for it, I belive.

  4. Name: Isabel
    Username: Carleit
    Blog: (no longer active)
    Experience: I dont have a lot of experience ,but I feel I can take the challenge! I have written for chipmunkey123 blogs that is no longer active, my own blog, and I write a little bit for JuniorModels which I am a manager for. Sorry for my lack of experience ,but I hope you see my application through.
    Thank you.
    Good Luck to everyone who applies!

  5. Fashion is something that shows a personality of a person and is doing what you want to do, without being judged. Fashion is more like an art, you paint your own style.

    This is an extension to my application.

  6. Name:
    Username: Panchitagurl
    Age(Optional): almost 16! (feb 28th) :D
    Blog: Ummm I have project blog (
    Experience: none reallly.
    If no experience, write us something about why you think fashion is important:

    Fashion is an Art. Fashion is never perfect becuase neither is art. Everything has some type of flaws. I believe fashion has no trends because everyone is unique and the way they dress themselves is equally unique. Fashion is important to me because its one of the ways you & I express ourselves. Without it I would feel like apart of me is missing.