Tuesday, 22 March 2011


As you already noticed (or maybe you didn't) I'm the new owner of Admire Couture. And what is the first thing I am going to do? Hire new people, of course.

Admire needs:
Graphic designers - 2 or 3
Creative director - 1
Make-up artist - 1

Just fill out these forms and post them in comments (or contact me via Stardoll).

Graphic Deisgner
Stardoll name:
Why should you be part of Admire?

Make-up artist:
Stardoll name:
Why should you be part of Admire?

Last day to apply: 10.IV

Thank you! ;)


  1. Name: Deb
    Username: supa_star4real
    Age: 15 +
    Sample A: http://stardollzvogue.blogspot.com/2011/03/fame-monster-tutorial-noellepage-11.html
    Sample B: http://stardollzvogue.blogspot.com/2011/02/fame-monster-tutorial-tapstar321-5.html
    Why? Because I can make great contributions to the team, I can post 2 times a week and this could be a great opportunity for all of us.

  2. Graphic Designer

    Name: Amanda Lucy
    Stardoll name: LadyGaGaMcQueen
    Age: 16
    Experience: I have my own blog : sdfashion-lifestyle.blogspot.com (I made the banner. But I'm improving every day...
    Samples: I made it today : http://imgur.com/2OF2q
    Why should you be part of Admire? Because I love showing my creativity and ADMIRE is the best way for me ! I really enjoy your beautiful graphics, so I'd be more than happy to work with you.

  3. Make up Artist

    Name; Daisy May
    Stardoll name: isparkle247
    Age: 14
    Experiences: I used to have my own blog on costume designing (including costume make up) I know how to do extreme makeup or natural makeup. I have done the make up for many people on. I can do make up on stardoll and on photoshop.I can also do hair and clothes as well.
    Samples: This is a thing i did on stardoll:
    (it's zebra themed makeup)http://i52.tinypic.com/2uzyt09.png

  4. Graphic Deisgner
    Name: Lindsey
    Stardoll name: LoveGossip4life
    Age: 13
    Experience: I am working currently for the stardoll yearbook, and a project with owners freeduck_ and supa_star4real also I own my own magazine {theexquisitegroup.blogspot.com} first issue should be released sometime this summer :)
    Samples: lindseysgraphics.blogspot.com
    Why should you be part of Admire? because I believe I can bring some undiscovered talent to your lines :)
    I hope you'll be willing to add me to your team

  5. I forgot to say why I think I should be part of Admire:
    I think it would be an amazing chance to meet amazing people and I would absolutely love working with you! I love being creative and would give my 100 % in every job! I would do everything to keep Admire Couture successful!

  6. If i can still APPLY here it is XD :
    Name: Kendal
    Stardoll name: BEAUTYBABE2
    Age: 14
    Experience: i have been doing graphics for a year, i have my blog and i do my own magazines ETC.
    Samples: my blog Lip-secretsmagazine.blogspot.com (look at older post there a spring spoiler)
    Why should you be part of Admire?
    Well i want to work for something so i guess i can start here. :D

  7. Graphic Deisgner
    Name: Nicole
    Stardoll name: luezone290
    Age: 12
    Experience: I've been hired for many magazines, then I quit because of my finals. So, now I am back to be hired again!
    Samples: http://i54.tinypic.com/538j2t.png
    Why should you be part of Admire?
    Because this magazine totally needs a head-out!

  8. Name:A&J
    Stardoll name:The2glams
    Experience:Im bearly new at doing graphics on stardoll :/ Im trying to make stardoll clothes for my graphics but its just too hard :/ Need more practice.
    Why should you be part of Admire?Because I want to get better at editing and I want the people to comment on how Im doing so far(:

  9. Well I'm not sure I can still apply but here is my application:

    For Graphic Designer

    Name: Lilli
    Stardoll name: Lululolliepop63
    Age: 13, Almost 14.
    Experience: I have been doing stardoll banners for blogs and all kinds of stardoll graphics for 5 or 6 months.
    I have made banners for multiple blogs but I haven't been asked to do any Magazines so far. And I have been making graphics in general for 2 years.

    Samples: Just go to my graphics blog: diariesofagraphicdesigner.blogspot.com

    Why should you be part of Admire?
    Because I want to show everyone what I really can do (Graphic wise) and I think Admire would be a great way to show that.

  10. Graphic Deisgner
    Name: Aura
    Stardoll name: Master04
    Age: 12
    Experience: I have almost 3 years doing graphics. For I have done until now I think I have a very good experience.
    Why should you be part of Admire? I believe that this a good project. I really like to be helping people, especially doing graphics hehe. Also, Because You have an amazing line and I will be working a lot of time. :)

  11. Make-up artist

    Name: Julie Carol
    Stardoll name: Doggy_Starpuppy
    Age: 15
    Samples: http://i.imgur.com/ZX7m8.jpg (Natalie Portman in Black Swan inspired makeup)
    Why should you be part of Admire?: Because it would be an honor.

  12. Graphic Designer

    Name: Ahlee
    Stardoll name: Edellweiss
    Age: 15
    Experiences : I sketch since I was born, and now that I have a tablet I love making graphics. GTS is my first blog.
    Samples: graphictimeonsd.blogspot.com
    Why should you be part of Admire?

    Idk, I'd just love to :)